In the Fall of 1999, Hendrix-Barnhill Co., Inc. acquired the controlling interest in a utility and site development contractor located in Smithfield, North Carolina. The acquisition expanded the geographic reach of Hendrix-Barnhill.

In addition, HB West's grading and site preparation capabilities created the opportunity for providing turnkey infrastructure construction and development services. HB West, Inc. is also licensed by the State of North Carolina, as unlimited General Contractors specialized in the construction and installation of water, sewer and gas distribution systems. HB West, Inc. also provides excavation and grading expertise for site development. HB West, Inc. works with projects throughout eastern North Carolina with a concentration in areas south of US Highway 70 from the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area to the Wilmington, North Carolina area.

Grading and Road Preparation
Our work with grading is handled exclusively by HB West, Inc. from their Smithfield, North Carolina office. This work also includes road preparation and excavation for site preparation.

Our equipment and capabilities in these areas allow us to provide for soil spreading when ditching and creating embankment fill, and grading for road base and shoulder work.

Construction services are provided for fine finish grading, ditching, soil stabilization, compaction, and tamping for highway and road construction, and site preparation.

Company Officers:
President, Eric Olsen

Management and Administrative Staff:
Administrative Assistant, Donna Proctor

Estimator/Project Manager, Thompson Brown

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